History of Balm Beach and the area in Tiny Township

Balm  Beach  has  been a  key activity centre on the shores of Tiny Township for more than a century.  Local residents and tourists alike have long been attracted to the beautiful, clear, blue water and sandy beaches.

The beach surrounds a small bay which is protected from the prevailing winds by a rocky point.   In the early 1900’s a small lodge was built at the beach which became the focus of further development.

Over the years, additional commercial enterprises were established in the area including rental accommodations, a general store, the post office, restaurants and other recreational activities such as:  horseback riding, dance and billiard halls, an arcade, mini golf and a go cart track.

A small community of mainly  seasonal dwellings grew around this centre which has provided many visitors with fond memories of summer fun with family and friends.  The shallow water just off the beach provides a perfect wading area for children while deeper waters further offshore offer great swimming.

Memories of Yesterday…
Nostalgia: “a longing to go back to one’s home, home town or place of fond memories”text from inscription on back of the original photos....author unknown
1934 – 1948:  “Georgian Grill”, “Collards Store” and “So Homey Lodge”.  Georgian Grill was built in 1934.  Collards & So Homey Lodge were built  and owned by Mr. Spring, who sold the store to Collards in 1944.  Mr. Spring owned the property and sold it to Mr. Walls, who built and owned the dance hall.  It was then sold to Bruce Kitchen and moved up Balm Beach Road and called the Chateau Gai.